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Cloud-based software is bringing new found efficiency to one of the world’s oldest industries. Leading construction firms, including 9 of the top 10 global EPCs, are compressing timelines and optimizing budgets thanks to a solution that lets them control information and processes across every organization on their project. ConClime’s project management platform provides transparency and control from the moment a project is conceived through close-out, handover and operations.

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ConClime is the newest inventive software which creates immense scope to the users of construction management software, helping firms drastically increase project efficiency and accountability by streamlining and mobilizing project communication and documentation.

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With ConClime, all parties use the same system, with consistent, connected communication and workflow processes. You get full visibility and accountability, with a complete audit trail of every action and decision.

Task Management

  • Upload tasks from gantt chart
  • Assign resources and identify predecessors.
  • Track progress.
  • Add as much task as want by customizing fields.

Total Quality Management

  • Get faster work progress from site-engineers.
  • Easy-reporting for supervision.
  • Track delay and also can email to in-charge for any dispute or approval.
  • Mark the standards and User will see it in dashboard.


  • Mails will come directly from your external email-inbox.
  • Send email to project members.
  • Auto-tracking for outgoing emails.
  • All communicaions are based on emails.

Document Archiving

  • Manage all folders in most flexible way.
  • Share files among project members.
  • Automatic version control of every document.
  • Drawings, meeting minutes, financial files, etc.

Approval Center

  • Track reworks which has financial impact.
  • Manage additional works to get approval.
  • Raise requisition for non-scheduled item and get approval by keeping communication with stake holders.
  • Design and material approval can also be managed through this center.

Financial Function

  • Configure the bill processing rule as you want.
  • Bill statement template is as per your choice.
  • Contractors can submit bill as well as bill statement.
  • Consultant can review the submitted bills and keep communication through system to evaluate the submitted bill.
  • Client can pay bill which is reviewed & forwarded by consultant.

BOQ Management

  • Manage all master BOQ items & freeze them to set as baseline.
  • Add as many BOQ as you want with the master items.
  • Keep track of planned & actual start/end date of each item.
  • Planned & actual progress tracking of each item.
  • BOQ item report by item-type and contractor.


  • Manage all RFI issues and replies.
  • Keep track of all meeting minutes.
  • Handy snag list items.
  • Track any incidents at your project site.
  • Site officials' movement register.
  • Manage user accessibility to the system.
  • S Curve report in the report section.
  • Daily field supervision report.


Get the visibility you need to spot problems and control risks that can lead to delays and cost overruns. Receive high-quality handover manuals that are compiled digitally, as-built, and as the work is completed as well as work progress report in daily, weekly and monthly in timely manner.


Get the information you need to coordinate processes among project managers, contractors, subcontractors and your client. powerful and up-to-date reports of regular supervision and insight tools show you the status of work progress, task status, toolbox meetings, document management , etc.


Report on progress across complex projects involving many independent parties. Provide subcontractors and trades with accurate, up-to-date information and minimize delays to a permanent archive.

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